Democs Game

As part of BovRef we wish to enable lay publics to consider animal-breeding technologies and share their perspectives and insights. One way we will do this is to create and play a Democs card game as a participative tool. A final version will be designed and printed as boxed sets and be available under a Creative Commons License for downloading as pdf files. Once created the Democs game remains an ongoing resource, freely available to all. For more about Democs, see



The creation of the Democs card game will commence a process of public engagement to explore perspectives from civil society and selected stakeholders on animal breeding technologies. Democs is a proven tool for grassroots engagement (18 y) on many issues from cloning to climate change.

In short Democs encompasses:

  1. Group discussion for 6-8 people, using cards which both provide information and stimulate ethical debate
  2. To learn and discuss new technologies/ ethical issues
  3. Story, Info and Issue cards (see graph).

The Democs game is planned to be played with lay persons in the UK and Finland. It is open to be used in other countries after consultation with Donald Bruce





The picture above represents just an example. The Democs card game will be implemented during the project.

Democs game presentations:

EurSafe2022 conference – Transforming Food Systems: Ethics, Innovation and Responsibility. September 7 – 8 2022, Edinburgh.

Donald Bruce (Edinethics) – Bringing animal ethics down to earth? Playing a Democs card game on cattle breeding

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