BovReg Final Conference

Aim of the conference

The BovReg project aims to enhance bovine breeding through advanced genetic research, aiming to improve cattle health, productivity, and sustainability by identifying and promoting desirable traits. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, BovReg strives to optimize bovine genetic potential, contributing to more efficient and resilient livestock agriculture. The BovReg Final Conference will showcase project results since 2019 and celebrate the 10-year milestone of the FAANG Initiative, inviting stakeholders from the research community, farmers, breeding companies, decision-makers, and citizens to participate onsite or online.

General info

The BovReg final conference will be held in Brussels at the University Foundation on 14th and 15th February 2024.
Deadline: for in presence registration: 31 January 2024; for on line participation: 12 February 2024
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Registrations for the event will open soon!

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